COVID-19 & Worship Updates

We continue to follow the direction of our government and are in compliance with national recommendations.
Our aim is to keep our congregation well.


Effective  May 13, 2021, we will no longer place any restrictions on those who attend in-person worship or small groups.

The CDC states that fully vaccinated people can resume activities they enjoyed prior to the pandemic.

If you want further information it can be found on the CDC website.


Regardless of removing restrictions on seating and masks, we fully support your discretion to continue to wear a mask

if you feel more comfortable. 


Those who have not been fully vaccinated are encouraged by the CDC and the SIUMC leadership

to continue to wear masks for your own protection.

Our policy aligns with the guidelines of the WHO and the CDC and is meant to encourage us to engage again in worship

while be vigilant in our efforts to mitigate COVID.

Our GPS (Global Plasma Systems) device in our HVAC continues to work to scrub the air

and is very effective especially with continued precautions being adhered to.

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