SIUMC provides financial support to local missions agencies.

Funding was provided by our church’s operational budget, designated gifts from our Alternative Christmas Market, gifting through church members and other groups and individuals, and through our pastor’s discretionary account. Each spring, our Missions Committee invites local agencies to apply for funds from our operational budget and to participate in our Missions Marketplace.


Our church has been able to support a number of worthy projects; and collaboration with recipient agencies is creating new opportunities for members of our congregation to share their time and talent, in addition to their treasure.


The Missions committee not only distributes church funds to agencies we support, but we also coordinate volunteer activities for our congregation in our community. We have regular “work day” opportunities for various agencies in the Savannah area. These are times for fellowship as well as helping the less fortunate.


Our committee members collaborate for distribution of our funds using objective criteria for reviewing grant applications.

"Every good and perfect gift is from above." - James 1:17

What is Missons Market Open House?  It is a Sunday in November where we can meet representatives from our Missions agencies to learn more about what they do and the people they serve. 


We provide a pamphlet listing all the agencies. A line indicates how much you would like to give to one, several, or all of the agencies.  Your choice of both the amount you want to give and the agency you want to support.  You make one payment to the church to cover all your “purchases” (donations). 100% of your donation goes to the agencies.


These donations are perfect "gifts" to friends and family members at holidays, birthdays, or even as hostess gifts, in lieu of something tangible. Cards are provided that can be filled out stating a donation has been made in someone’s honor to a particular agency. 

Serving in Savannah

Missions Marketplace Open House

SIUMC family successfully raised over $15,000 for our local community.

In the past few weeks, the SIUMC family successfully raised over $15,000 allowing us to "Meet the Need" in our local community. Thank you to everyone who donated and assisted with making this goal possible. Funds raised helped our neighboring community, the Old Savannah City Mission, and Wesley Community Centers.

Meeting the Need

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