Pastoral Prayer

April 30, 2017

To you, O Lord, we lift our prayers, giving you thanks for the love you show, the strength you always provide, and the comfort that is ours in all our times of need. May your name ever be blessed and honored in our speaking and in our living.


Come to us now, as you have so patiently done in the past, and forgive us when we have failed to believe enough to trust your guidance, your teachings, and the leading of your Holy Spirit as it searches and speaks to our hearts.  For each time we have failed to hear or to see, grant us both your grace to reconcile us and your renewing power to enable us to walk more closely in your ways.


We pray for all who are in transition in their lives, particularly those who find their health leading to changes and redirections in their journeys. Guide them, comfort them and watch over them as they move into the next phase of their lives. Be with the families who will open their arms to welcome and embrace them.  Be with us as we seek to be the friends we have been called to be to them as we would have them be to us.


Be with all among us who are ill, those recovering from surgeries, those facing surgeries, and all who are struggling with the twists and turns that seem to come so often on their own volition. Grant to each one according to his or her need.  For you are our God.


Be with our nation’s leaders, and with leaders of nations around the world.  Instill in them the desire to live in peace with their neighbors, and the strength of spirit to make reconciliation the norm of international engagement.  Watch over those who stand ready to confront any and all who would seek to do us harm, in our homes, on our streets, in our communities and in nations around the world.  Bless them and love them for us.


We pray for our church as we seek to be the living presence of Our Lord, your son; the one whom you gave to us that our sinful ways might be redeemed and our souls renewed.  Enable us to grasp and secure the faith that leads to hope, and the hope that conquers all things in this life and in the life to come.


Speak to us in this service through your divine presence among us, that we may draw from both the one who conquered death, and the one who lives among us today - that same Jesus who poured himself out for us some many years ago; the same Jesus who pours himself out upon us in this hour of praise and worship; and the same Lord who taught us to say as we pray…

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